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Home Networking

Home Networking

Home Networking

Are you able to connect all your devices to your wireless network?

home-networking-routerAfter you have setup your home network some of your older devices may not compatible with the newer wireless security. Setting your security settings to WPA-PSK instead of WPA2-PSK will allow those older devices to connect but will make your wireless security more vulnerable. As an alternative you can buy a wireless USB device that will be compatible with the newest security settings. Making the decision to upgrade the device rather than putting your entire network at risk might the better solution.

 Is it better to use a range extender or a wireless access point for home networking?

Although a range extender is an easier solutions in most cases we have found that is not always the most stable. The newer models are getting better so if you’re going to use this solution then choosing Asus RT-AC68U model or the ZyXEL WAP3205 V2 model are better solutions. We would always prefer to install an access point.

Although many people don’t want a cable run in their wall. With the proper installer the work can be done quickly and hidden from view. A wireless access point can be setup to broadcast the same SSID. This will allow you to stay connected as you walk from room to room.

What is the best channel to select when setting up my wireless network?

If you are living in an apartment or condo complex this is a more important question than if your  closets neighbor is over 1000 feet away. The more wireless networks on the same channel the less available bandwidth on those frequencies for your data, reducing your performance. Choosing a channel with a few or no other wireless networks on it will help you with these performance issues.

There are several tools that can help you find an available channel for your wireless network. Here are a few that we downloaded for the IPhone Net Analyzer or Network Radar and on the Android the Wifi Analyzer. If you want to use one on your desktop inSSIDer is a good application.

Should I call someone to setup my home network?

Most home networks are easy to setup and you usually can do this yourself. If you start to run into problems then calling a technician can save you hours of aggravation. If your home is located in the San Fernando Valley then give us a call toll free 1-877-368-9400.

What information should I tell my technician before they arrive to speed up the process?

Let them know how my devices that you are going to be using. This includes smart phones and tables.

If you have devices connected with a cable (cat-5e or cat-6) let them know how many and how far away they will be to your router.