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WordPress Update 4.0

WordPress Update 4.0

WordPress Update 4.0

wordpress 4.0 updateWordPress update 4.0 was released yesterday. At they are always working on improving not only security but, the user interface as well. In this release there were several changes to the interface that I like. Like all upgrades, there are some issues so it is always a good idea to check and make sure your plugins are not going to be affected before you upgrade. We only had one issue which I will share.

WordPress update 4.0 comes on the heels of  release 3.92 which was a security release at the end of August. If you haven’t upgraded it yet, you should. We use several different plugins in our companies site and for our customer also. We started testing them yesterday to see if there were any issues.

We did find one the we had issues with. We use Google Analytics for WordPress which is developed by Yoast. They were of course aware of the issue and we quickly upgraded to 5.0.1 which fixed any issues we had. We tested several other plugins and none of them had issues with the latest release.

There are several features that I do like with this upgrade. The seamless media embedding is a really great feature. In previous versions if you were adding a youtube video you needed preview the post in order to see how it would look. Now when you insert the link into wordpress, you can see how the video will appear.

add pluginHow you add plugins to your website has changed. You will notice that you can see more of the details about each plugin, the rating and other information that you had to click on the details of each plugin to view. This for me is a really nice feature when I am looking for something to implement on a client or for our company website.

The media gallery also has a few changes that are worth mentioning. It now allows you to easily edit the images quickly and easily. In previous versions, you had to select an image, make the necessary changes and then close it so you could move on to the next image. In 4.0 you can now quickly move from image to images making all the necessary changes.

This change is great if your like me when you’re adding 3 or 4 images for each post. I can upload them all at the same time and then quickly go in wordpress 4.0 mediaand make any changes to the title, alternative text or description fields quickly and then get back to writing my post.

As I am writing this post I noticed one of the other features that they have implemented. Before as I scrolled down further in my post I would lose the toolbar and publishing menu. Now the toolbar and publishing menu stays right where you need it so there’s less scrolling to save your changes or publish your content.

To learn more about WordPress update 4.0 visit the site on click on WordPress 4.0 update.